(Diabetes Project)

Diabetes is a serious and major health problem amongst Canadians and especially Aboriginal people.  As a result, the Shiiwaapinawin (Diabetes) Project was created to promote diabetes awareness, prevention and management to anyone at risk for diabetes and anyone affected by diabetes.  The facilitator uses non-medical and medical terminology to teach participants.  Information provided is easy to understand.  Hands on activities allow participants to learn how to delay, prevent or manage their diabetes. 

Workshops are tailored to meet the needs of the community and those attending the workshop. 

Topics may include all or any of the following:

- What is Diabetes                                   - Living with Diabetes                             Diabetes 1.png

- Complication of Diabetes                    - Mental Health and Diabetes

- Children and Diabetes                          - Footcare and Diabetes    

- Gestational Diabetes                            - Special Issues with Diabetes

All  workshops provide some information on healthy eating and active living.  

The Shiiwaapinawin (Diabetes) Workshops are also designed for community workers who are interested in promoting diabetes awareness, prevention and management. Participants will learn about Diabetes in a Train the Trainer type workshop. Utilizing and learning how to use community resources, and free or low-cost items, participants will be able to develop their own Diabetes information sessions.

We focus on First Nations, Métis and Inuit children and their families.  Community leaders, Elders, workers and members, who are involved in promoting healthy communities and healthy lifestyles, will find our workshops culturally sensitive and easy to understand and apply to everyday living.  

Our Elders tell us that our health will return
if we learn all we can to keep us healthy,
as well return to our old ways
of eating and living off the land -
planting and harvesting vegetables,
picking berries, fishing and
hunting for moose,
deer and other wild meats. 


For further information or to arrange for your workshop please contact us:

807-684-1920 or by email at:



The Shiiwaapinawin Diabetes Workshops take place at various times throughout the year. If you are interested in attending the next workshop, please contact the Mishko Bimaadziwin for further information at the phone and/or email listed above.

A sample of the items in our resource kit and pictures from one of the Shiiwaapinawin Diabetes Workshops. 

diabetes kit pt 2.JPGImage-1.png




Diabetes workshop 2016.JPG


Storytelling workshops.JPG