Meegwetch (Thank you) to the generosity of our donors and the work of our volunteers and staff, Mishko Bimaadziwin Family Support Services has been able to expand their reach and impact into more Aboriginal families, and communities this year. 

With your help, Mishko Bimaadziwin has been able to be a play a part in reducing the impact of diabetes on Aboriginal people.  The training provided in the Shiiwaapinawin (Diabetes) Project has trained over 30 front-line workers and people living with diabetes.  By providing low/no cost training to front-line workers and community members we have a further reaching impact on the people who need this service the most!  The (Meno Bimaadziwin) Healthy Weights Project is an excellent addition to the work being done in the Shiiwaapinawin Diabetes project.

Through the C-I-Learn Bimadji Aawasowin Project  we have worked to reconcile the inequity of access to Aboriginal language(s) for Indigenous children.  We have worked with over 10 Aboriginal communities in their language and cultural revitalization efforts for children and families.  Through this project we have been able to train 80+ Trainers in over 10 communities.  We have conducted research, including a literature review and needs assessment; developed strong relationship with community based organizations and community language leaders; and have documented best practices, challenges and lesson learned.  We have also been able to create Language Resource kits and gifted them to 10 communities.

We take the role as steward of donor dollars very seriously and make every effort to allocate these dollars where they will make the most difference in the lives of Aboriginal children and their families. We focus our work in health and education areas – especially in the areas of health and wellbeing, language and cultural reclamation, and training front-line workers in various communities.  We couldn’t do it without you!



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Legacy gifts make an incredible impact in communities. A future gift arranged through your estate plan provides confidence that there will always be a steady, ongoing stream of funds available for our commitment to creating a healthier future for Aboriginal children and/or their families.

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Everyone has their own motivation. But all share a deep generosity and a desire to help others.


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